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Range of our products :

Stationery & Office Supplies:Files & Folders,Notebooks, Office books, Pencils, Erasers & Sharpners, Pens & Writing materials,Markers, Inks & Stamps, Adhesives, Tapes & Dispensers, Binder Clips & Clamps, Calculators, Correction Fluids, Pens & Tapes, Cutters, Scissors & Trimmers, Desk Organisers & Accessories,  Measuring instruments, Magnifying lenses, Paper Clips & Pins, Paper Punches, Staplers, Pins & Removers, Self adhesive Flags, Labels & Notes, Copier & Printing papers

Books & Learning : Text Books, Reference Books, Activity Books, Playschool & Nursery books, CDs

Art & Craft Supplies: Colouring Pens, Crayons & Pencils, Drawing Books & Paper, Oil & Water Colours and Brushes

Teaching Supplies: Recognition & Motivation items, Class Decoration, Teaching Aids/Kits, Blackboards, Chalks & Dusters, Learning Instruments, Laboratory Supplies, Class Furniture, Charts & Posters

Safety Equipment & Supplies:Respirators,Skin protection,Eye protection,Hearing protection,Protective clothing,Half Mask with filter,Ear Plug & Ear-Muffs,Spectacles, Goggles & Shield,Absorbent and Head Protective Device,Particulate Filtering masks, Half masks, Full Face mask, Chemical Filters, PAPR & Airline apparatus

Cartridge and Ink Supplies:OEM Ink,OEM Cartridge,Continuous Flow System,Laser Toner,Heat Transfer Inks

Sonam Dolma Enterprise sells only original products and this keeps us connected with our client who are looking for the Right quality at Right price.

For further assistance call us at :

05-253149 / 17610334( B Mobile)/ 9232059408( I Mobile)
FAX : +975-5-253149
Email : sonamdolmaenterprise@gmail.com
Sonam Dolma Enterprise,
Jordan Lam,
Phuentsholing : Bhutan

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